West End Parents’ Daycare has great play equipment and wonderful grounds to explore.

Our daycare is situated on a unique, wooded lot. The front playground has two play-structures: one for the Toddlers (built in 2000) and one for the Preschool and Kindergarten-age children (built in 2002). The back of the daycare extends into the nature playground and School Age play equipment structures of Ossington/Old Orchard Public School.

As per the Day Nurseries Act, we offer the children two hours of outdoor play per day.


The children in the Toddler and Preschool programs nap each day for about 2 hours. If they are unable to sleep we ask that they rest or play quietly.

The Kindergarten children, who attend school in the morning and daycare in the afternoon, are also encouraged to rest for half an hour.

Field Trips

WEPD strives to ensure that the summer program is especially fun and takes advantage of the weather and unique facilities our city offers. Whenever possible, we take the children to local wading pools and parks, and arrange special field trips — Toronto Island, Riverdale Farm and  High Park are among our favourite summertime destinations.

We also have our own celebrations such as pajama days, picnics, and special events that are culturally inclusive. Another feature of the summer program is activities that take place at the daycare such as: dance classes, art projects, sports and drama. Programming varies in accordance to the annual decisions made by the Programming Committee.

On field trips outside WEPD, each staff member is responsible for a certain number of children, determined by age-appropriate ratios. Parents are encouraged to participate in field trips – it’s a great way to spend some time with your child and meet his or her friends.

When a trip is planned we will ask you to sign a trip permission form allowing your child to participate. It is important that each child understands that he/she must be considerate of others and show respect for public property on all WEPD outings.

For the safety of the children, all pickups and drop-offs for field trips take place at the centre.

Special Guests

We like to have guests visit with us on-site to provide workshops with the children during the year, especially for the toddlers and pre-school children who don’t attend school yet. These special guests include musical guests, storytellers, artists and animal handlers.