(18 months to 2 years)

As toddlers, children are becoming more self-aware. They begin developing their own personalities and exploring their own emotions, expressing themselves in many creative ways. WEPD provides a free play environment with sensory, creative and cognitive activities. Our underlying philosophy is the process and not the product.

Daily group time includes short stories, discussions, lots of songs and instruments; puppets are frequently used. An emphasis is placed on “social interaction” encouraging the children to communicate with each other through their play.

Sample Schedule

8:00 Gather in Kindergarten Room or Toddler Room or outside (summer)
8:30 Creative Art / Sensory / Exploration / Cognitive Games
10:00 Wash Hands / Snack
10:30 Group Time (Circle) / Washroom Routine / Free Play
11:00 Outside / Gym
12:00 Lunch / Diaper Check / Books on the Couch
1:00 Nap
3:00 Washroom Routine / Free play / Creative Art / Sensory
4:00 Gym / Outside
4:30 Snack / Wash Hands
5:30 Outside / Gym / Free Play
6:00 Daycare Closes


Sample Toddler Week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Creative or Sensory / Cognitive Experience Painting on boxes Sponge painting with shapes Easel paints Toothbrush painting
Flour table with farm animals
Animal prints
Gross or Fine Motor Experience (Indoor) Felt board with animals Stacking blocks
Water play
Sand table with cars, trucks, people Water table with large and small containers Train tracks and bridges
Creative or Sensory / Cognitive Experience Stamps and markers Crayons and scissors Chalk and water Play dough with rolling pins and cutters Paints with large and small brushes
Circle/Language Experience Down at the Station
Wheels on the Bus
Sleeping Bunnies
Finger puppet plays
Brown Bear
Fire station
Finger family
If You’re Happy…
Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Hand puppets to share & sing with
Inside movement / Gym / Outside / other Tapes & balls Books & bikes & strollers Riding toys
Babies in strollers
Building blocks, animals & shovels Puzzles on tables