(Junior and Senior)

For Kindergarten, children are spending mornings or afternoons at the kindergarten programs at either Ossington/Old Orchard Junior Public School (OOOPS) or Dewson Street Public School. Our staff lead public school drop off and pick-ups, allowing the children to spend the balance of time at the WEPD Kindergarten program.

At this stage, their personalities and individuality are evident and they have more confidence in themselves. They have a better feel for what they can do and realize their ability to try new things. They are gaining knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Sample Kindergarten  Schedule

8:00 Welcome room for all children

Freeplay (be aware of toddlers)

8:30 Walk children to OOOPS & DEWSON schools

Kindergarten children join Preschool group

9:00 Washroom-dressing for outdoor play/gym

Outdoor Play

10:00 Washroom/Snack (Children wash hands in the washroom)
10:15 Free play – creative activities, dramatic centre, puzzles, listening centre, sensory-water, sand, etc.
11:15 Tidy up – Circle time
11:45 Lunch- morning group
12:00 Lunch- afternoon group
12:30 School for morning children

Outdoor play for afternoon children

1:30 Washroom – rest time
2:30 Free play
3:30 Tidy up – Circle time
4:00 Snack

Children arrive from afternoon school

4:30 Free play
5:30 Tidy up

Kindergartens join Preschool and Toddlers in Preschool Room

6:00 Daycare closes


Sample Kindergarten Week

Goal: To increase children’s vocabulary and knowledge about the universe.

Theme: Space

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Creative Space projects all week: rockets, planets using a variety of materials such as – cardboard cones, boxes, paint, tongue depressors and cardboard tubes.
Sensory Large poster display of our solar system.

Clay sculptures

Measuring and pouring coloured water “Goop” Creating clay  astronauts Outer-worldly creations from various media
Dramatic Area Spaceships

Chairs, control panel

Exploring the planets

Photos of our galaxy

Outdoor Flying paper airplanes Cardboard box spaceships Making planets Books

“Exploring Space” (labelling planets)

Black holes

Space station

Circle Group Activity Special activity: visiting musician Discussion about the planets in our solar system If I were an astronaut … Naming and identifying planets on poster Sing-A-Long