(2 years to entry into Junior Kindergarten)

As the children are able to communicate more through language and are beginning to show more of an understanding of “social boundaries”, we try to encourage a greater sense of independence through simple activities such as learning to wash their hands, wiping their noses, and how to use a knife and fork. The children learn to respect themselves. The children may then start to think beyond themselves as individuals and begin to have empathy for others.

At this stage, children are learning to do a lot for themselves and we try to encourage their independence still further by asking them to do little tasks such as putting their chairs away at the end of mealtimes and going to the toilet on their own. By doing this, we are encouraging the children to start taking responsibility for their own actions.

Language plays an important role in being able to share ideas, points of view and instructions between the children and adults. Sharing is a big part of “circle” time. At story and discussion times, as well as through play, the children are given the opportunity to talk with the other children and staff.

More structured activities, such as playing board games, are carried out with smaller groups of children to try and extend their concentration and also to develop their social skills such as sharing and taking turns.

Sample Preschool Schedule

8:00 Drop off in Kindergarten Room (Free play)
8:30 Move to Preschool Room
9:00 Washroom Routine / Dress for Outdoor Play
10:00 Indoor – Washroom Routine
10:15 Snack
10:30 Free play: Various Learning Centres/Activities Available

  • Creative Arts
  • Sensory Activities
  • Dramatic Play
  • Cognitive(table toys)
  • Book Centre
  • Water Table
  • Sand Table
11:00 Tidy up Playroom / Group Time
11:30 Lunchtime Routine
12:00 Washroom Routine / Rest Time
2:00 Gradual Wake up / Washroom Routine / Dress for Outdoors
3:00 Indoors / Afternoon Snack Routine
4:00 Free play in Playroom (See morning freeplay .. above)
5:30 Kindergartens join Preschoolers in the Preschool Room
6:00 Daycare closes


Sample Preschool Week

Goal: Through participation in the experiences provided by this theme, the children may learn about the changes of fall and seasonal celebrations.

Theme: Fall! (Seasonal Changes, Special Occasion)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Circle Group discussion:

Children will learn that Fall is one of the four seasons.

Related book: “Fall Leaves”

Song: “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down”

Group discussion:

Fall holiday scarf and sweaters.

Related book: “Why Do Leaves Change Colour?”

Pumpkin game.

Group discussion:

Orange and black are Halloween colours.

Related book: “Who Goes Out on Halloween?”

Song: “Halloween is Here”

Group discussion:

Costumes and masks are worn on Halloween.

Related book: “A Very Scary Jack-O-Lantern”

Song: Halloween is Here

Group discussion:

Ghosts, black cats and witches are symbols of Halloween.

Related book: “Jack-O-Lantern”

Song: “I have a Jack-O-Lantern”

Creative Stencilling on orange paper with markers Corn / Leaf Painting on Orange Paper Corn / Leaf brush painting on orange paper Small Pumpkin carving Children choose what they want for art today
Science / Math / Cooking Observing our trees changes (outside) Discussions on various things we did with the corn and leaves

Learning to ride bikes in the playground

Leaf changes (green to beige… soft to hard)

Cooking Halloween cookies

Touch, feel, smell change from pumpkin to Jack-o-lantern

Brown Bear Hunt (outdoors)

Animal movement
Special Activities Halloween Dress-Up!