(Grade 1 to Grade 4 – before and after-school care)

WEPD’s goal is to provide an environment where children feel like they are coming and going from a second home – moving away from the structure and stresses of school to a space where they can relax, read, create, and explore. In this relaxed structure children can participate in music, dance, arts and crafts, science, computer centre, and recreational activities.

Sample School Age schedule:

8:00 Welcome room for all children in the kindergarten room.

Free play

8:30 Walk children to OOOPS & DEWSON schools


Pick up from OOOPS & DEWSON schools.

Washroom Routine.


Walk children back to OOOPS & DEWSON schools.

3:00 Pick up from OOOPS & DEWSON schools.

Washroom Routine.


4:00 Cognitive games, creatives, science, sensory exploration, cooking, Gym / Outdoor play & co-operative games.
6:00 Daycare closes


Sample School Age Week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Arts & Crafts Plaster creations (animal faces, bugs, sea creatures, flowers) Collages Sand painting Chalk art Sewing painted fabric wallets
Science & Sensory Making sugar crystals Invisible ink messages Creating “goop” Finger painting Creating playdough
Gym Outdoor organized team-play
Drama & Cooking / Baking House / Dress-up / Music House / Dress-up / Music Cooking (rice crisp squares) House / Dress Up / Dancing House / Dress Up / Dancing
Outdoor Play Soccer / Free Play Free Play (balls, bikes, shovels, etc.) Kick Ball / Free Play Free Play  (balls, bikes, shovels, etc.) Ring Toss / Free Play
Other Board games, woodworking, books, building blocks, computers, sandbox