West End Parents’ Daycare is a licensed not-for-profit daycare with a long and successful history.  Our centre accommodates 80 children from 18 months to 9 years old, with an additional satellite program for up to 30 children that provides after school care and a Full Day Kindergarten before and afterschool program at Ossington/Old Orchard Junior Public School, which backs onto the WEPD site.

WEPD promotes learning that is oriented to the individual child. We follow the principles and framework from the (ELECT) Early Learning For Every Child Today document, to support our curriculum and overall community of our centre.

Childhood should be fun.

We provide an inviting environment for children not yet attending school (see our Toddler and Preschool programs for more) and then work to complement school once your child is a little older (see our Kindergarten and School Age programs for more).

Our learning is more three-dimensional than what most children experience in school, with many art projects, outdoor/indoor exercise, cooperative activities and off-site excursions. A large part of the experience of WEPD childcare is social: learning how to play happily with other children, how to share, how to respect each other, and how to resolve conflict.

The teachers ensure that there is a variety of equipment and materials from which the children can choose. Programs are developed to foster physical growth, independence, self-help skills and community awareness.

Each child is a unique person whose individuality is to be respected and encouraged. The goal of West End Parents’ Daycare is to provide not only a good environment for children but also to be responsive to parents’ needs.

WEPD is committed to the provision of excellent physical and nurturing care within an environment of enriched learning.

We recognize the value of diversity and difference within our community and the need to address systemic barriers to provide an equitable environment. Our staff seek to support the developmental needs of each child to foster growth and learning in their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative make-up in a play-based environment.

The WEPD community strives to work cooperatively to ensure a dynamic, progressive and comprehensive daycare program, one that includes a shared commitment to the following principles:

  • Ensure children develop their self-worth through positive reinforcement.
  • Offer children choices and respect their feelings and opinions.
  • Take an active and sincere interest in the uniqueness of each child.
  • Encourage equitable and inclusive practices grounded in respect for others.
  • Demonstrate the spirit of cooperation in all relationships.
  • Recognize and value the diversity of cultural heritage within our community.
  • Promote anti-racist and anti-bias practices and policies.
  • Provide opportunities for children to actively explore, solve problems, discuss and be creative in their surroundings.
  • Sustain an enjoyable and satisfying program that encourages learning.
  • Maintain and upgrade a relevant and meaningful curriculum promoting social responsibility.
  • Respond appropriately to the particular needs and circumstances of families.
  • Include parents in programming and operations to ensure the daycare functions as an extension of the family environment.

Creativity at WEPD

Creative activities at WEPD are child-centred, child-oriented and child-produced. It is our philosophy that when the children are given materials with which to explore and experiment, they will discover their own capabilities, talents and interests. The teacher, therefore, becomes a facilitator, guide and encourager to each individual child to, first of all, participate, and second of all, to enjoy his/her own work and feel proud of what has happened in this activity.

Process, not the product is our underlying philosophy. What the child does with the materials provided is our focus. The final result or product is not the reason nor rationale for doing any creative activity.

Use of stencils is a very interesting and important activity but is not considered a creative activity.

In general, pre-cut shapes, finished examples or pictures of examples should not be used. However, if the children need encouragement, the early childhood educator will use her/his own judgement to present the materials appropriately.

A teacher’s talent will be used to encourage children and to present ingenious activities in the area of creativity. A child should never have to compare what he has done with any adult’s work. We want children to compare what they have done with their previous work. We want our children to be proud of their own efforts and what they have produced. One of our goals for our children is that they will enjoy what they are doing: the process, the experience and the materials.

Our art program is flexible. Children have a choice of whether or not to take part, to postpone or to engage in what is prepared. There is always an area available with materials for children to choose, at any time during free play. We want children’s imaginations, thoughts and emotions to express themselves in the art work. All art programs are geared to the children’s ages, interests and abilities.

Enrichment Activities at WEPD

West End Parents’ Daycare strives to provide enriching activities both inside and outside the facility, year round. Michael Anderson provides regular musical workshops, Whimz Live Animal Programs dazzles the children with an array of creatures, and we hold an annual sports camp. Each program offers field trips — the Ontario Science Centre is a popular destination for the kindergarten children, and the local fire station, library, pool and parks are always a hit with all ages.