In order to help the child make a happy adjustment to the centre, we recommend that for the first few days the child visit — but not stay the full day. The adjustment could take up to five days, depending on the child.

The permanent staff members in your child’s room will be your primary contact and will be available to answer questions about your child’s well-being, adjustment, relationships with the other children, general development, diet, etc.

Please feel free, however, to talk to any of the staff members, the Director, or to a member of the board if you have questions or concerns.

There will be a room meeting twice a year (in the fall and in the spring) to discuss the programming and activities in each room and get parent feedback. Suggestions are welcome at any time.

Clothing, diapers, etc.

The following is a list of articles you will need to bring with your child to their first full day at the daycare centre:

  • an extra set of indoor clothing
  • appropriate outdoor clothing
  • extra diapers (if required)
  • a blanket or cuddly toy for sleep time (if required)

Your child will be assigned a cubby for his or her personal belongings. Please label all of your child’s clothing, both for indoors and out. A complete change of clothing, especially for the younger children, is often needed and should be left at the daycare.

Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for missing items, although the staff will do their best to help you locate personal belongings. Of course, clear labelling really helps!

Belongings from home

Please understand that even with the best of intentions, toys can get broken, lost or stolen. For that reason, we ask that all precious toys and all breakable toys stay at home. We also discourage aggressive toys. Other toys should remain in the child’s cubby unless permission is received from a staff member.

Allowances will of course be made for toddlers and preschool children who like to have special toys for sleep time, and attachment toys for transitional periods. If your child likes to bring a toy from home, we encourage stuffed animals.