From time to time, parents may have an issue or concern they would like dealt with. If this issue concerns a staff member, parents are urged to first attempt to resolve the dispute by discussing the matter directly with the staff member.

If one-to-one discussion does not succeed, then the parent may present the complaint to the Director or a board member. Ideally these complaints should be made in writing. The concern will then be addressed by the Personnel Committee if necessary.

If parents have a general concern about the daycare, they are asked to discuss this with the Director who will bring the matter to the board’s attention or refer it to the appropriate committee.

If the matter concerns health or safety, parents have the option of contacting the Ministry. This should only be done if the matter cannot be resolved by speaking to the staff, the Director, or a board member.

Parents are encouraged to help in the running of the centre whether by volunteering on the board or a committee, helping on fix-it or clean-up days, helping with bake sales, or on trips. In the summer we have a barbecue and before the Christmas holiday a potluck dinner for parents, staff and all the children.

Please join in!