The development and maintenance of healthy eating habits is a key aspect of WEPD’s food policy.  Children expend large amount of energy and need frequent nourishment.  West End Parents’ Daycare programs offer two nutritional snacks – once in the morning and another in the afternoon- as well as a hot lunch at midday made from scratch in our on-site kitchen.

Our full-time cook, Sam, emphasizes fresh foods and has been tremendously successful at incorporating new foods and recipes that the kids have really responded to.  In developing his menu, Sam actively involved the kids and initiated the planting of a small organic vegetable garden (which forms the cornerstone of the WEPD Spring Planting Party).

Parents are excited by the diversity of foods Sam has introduced and the enthusiasm the kids have shown for Sam’s menus.

WEPD operates a health-conscious kitchen. Our menu is on a six-week rotation. Vegetarian menus are prepared three days per week and meat or fish is cooked two days per week. For those children who don’t eat meat, there is a vegetarian alternative available every day.

The menus reflect an overall philosophy of using organic/local fresh produce in season whenever possible (including from our own organic garden plot); using organic dairy products; and using hormone and antibiotic-free meat raised locally and humanely.  Individual dietary restrictions (i.e. lacto and wheat intolerance, vegetarian) are accommodated. We also recognize the likes and dislikes of the children. The weekly menus are posted on the bulletin board and in each room.

If your child has food restrictions due to allergies, medical conditions, or personal observances, please inform the centre and we will be pleased to accommodate them.

WEPD does not allow any peanuts or nut products on the premises.